Is private reputation of a human being well protected under the law?

[Law of Torts] – Every man has a right to have his reputation preserved inviolate. This right of reputation is acknowledged as an inherent personal right of every person as part of the right of personal security. It is a jus in rem, a right good against the entire world. A man’s reputation in his property is more valuable than other properties. Indeed, if we reflect on the degree of suffering occasioned by loss of character, ad compare it with that occasioned by loss of property, the amount of the former injury far exceeds that of the latter.

        The wrong of defamation protects reputation and defences to the wrong, viz, truth and privilege protect the freedom of speech. The existing law relating to defamation is a reasonable restriction on the fundamental right of freedom of speech and expression conferred by Article 19 (1) (a) of the Indian Constitution and is saved by clause (2) of Article 19.