Insane wait for iphone 6 over

Apple’s new baby has hit the market and the crazy fans around the world were seen queuing outside the Apple stores to be the first iphone 6 owners-a great matter of pride for millions worldwide. The new phone which was to start sale on Friday, has hit the target exactly and the new evolved version of Iphone, comes with a bigger and brighter screen. People around the world gathered a night before to be in the lead in the queue to get the dream machine. Hong Kong saw maximum rush as people had come from India, China and even United Kingdom on the evening of Thursday.
Such scenes are common to Apple on every new launch. Apple iphones which are known for small screens as compared to other phones from their closest rivals, have now taken the big leap and entered the market with a big screen model. Also, the new version has come with a much sophisticated design, look and technology.
Apple has set a record by selling 4 million handsets in the first 24 hours of its launch. Apple also admitted the fact that for every new Apple product, the opening day always sees more demand than the supple. However, the stores this time had handsets to instant walk-in customers. The others were the customers who had got their iphones booked a little earlier.



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