Indian Railways offer 3.2 lakh isolation beds

The Indian Railways until 31 March, 2020 has modified 20,000 coaches to accommodate 3.2 lakh people. It is still working with 5,000 more coaches to add 80,000 more beds.


The Indian Railway coaches have been converted into isolation wards to fulfil the isolated quarantine requirements to treat COVID-19 patients. One single coach is expected to support 16 beds of isolation. The coaches will also have nurses cabins. Only non-AC coaches are being converted into quarantine coaches.

There are around 18 railway zones in the country. Every zone will prepare separate quarantine wards.

The trains became idle in the country after a 21-day lock down was announced by the Prime Minister.

Other Measures

The Indian Railways has launched several measures to help fight against COVID-19. It offered special parcel services to prevent the uninterrupted flow of essential supplies in the country. The IRCTC provided free food to the migrant workers stranded on roads. The Central Government Employees were allowed to use Railway hospitals.


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