Indian Navy’s First Exercise with Algerian Navy

The Indian and Algerian navies conducted their first ever naval exercise off the coast of Algeria on August 29, 2021.


  • The exercise reflects increased maritime cooperation among two countries.
  • Stealth ship INS Tabar represented India while Algeria was represented by its naval ship ANS Ezager.
  • As part of the exercise, activities like communication procedures, coordinated maneuvers, and past steam were carried out between Indian and Algerian warships.
  • This naval exercise opened up the possibility for both the navies to understand the concept of mutual operations, enhance interoperability, and increase future interaction and cooperation.

India-Algeria Relations

Both the countries have established diplomatic relationship. Algeria is having an embassy in New Delhi while India set up it in Algiers. They are part of Non-aligned movement. Being a member of African Union, Algeria supports the candidacy of India for a permanent seat in Security Council. Trade between both the countries has increased from US$55 million in 2001 to US$3.4 billion in 2011. Both the countries have also taken steps to increase collaboration in the oil sector.

India’s market in Algeria

Indian car company, Maruti, has a significant market in Algeria. It is the third largest export market for Maruti.

India’s aid to Algeria

India also provided Algeria US $1 million humanitarian aid to help the “victims of the earthquake in Algeria in May 2003. India handed over medicines worth half a million US dollars in April 2004.

Science and technology cooperation

Indian Space Research Organisation launched the Satellite Alsat 2A of Algeria into orbit in July 2010.


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