Indian Government Launches AAINA Dashboard for Cities

On November 13, the Central government unveiled a groundbreaking web portal that is set to become a permanent repository for various data concerning Indian cities. Named the ‘AAINA Dashboard for Cities,’ this initiative, led by the Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry, aims to establish a comprehensive database of key performance metrics for Urban Local Bodies (ULBs). Once populated, this database will be accessible to all stakeholders and eventually made available for public viewing.

Inclusive Participation

One of the key features of this initiative is its inclusivity. Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) from across the country are encouraged to actively participate by voluntarily submitting their essential data through a user-friendly, data-entry form on the portal. This collective effort will contribute to the richness and accuracy of the data available.

Five Pillars of Data

The AAINA Dashboard for Cities will organize the data submitted by ULBs into five broad pillars, making it easier to assess and analyze. These pillars encompass political and administrative structure, finance, planning, citizen-centric governance, and the delivery of basic services. This comprehensive approach ensures that all critical aspects of urban development are covered.

Empowering Urban Areas

The primary objectives of the dashboard are to empower cities to assess their performance relative to other urban areas, inspire them by highlighting opportunities for improvement, and provide a platform for learning and engagement with leading cities. In essence, the dashboard will serve as a valuable tool for fostering healthy competition and growth among Indian cities.

Streamlined Data Submission

ULBs will be required to submit their data, including audited accounts and self-reported performance metrics, by logging into the dedicated portal. This streamlined process ensures that the information is accurate, up-to-date, and readily accessible for analysis and decision-making.



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