India Zimbabwe relations

The history of relations between the countries is close and cordial. Indian merchants established a strong link during the era of Munhumutapa kingdom. India supported Zimbabwe in its freedom struggle. Former PM Indira Gandhi attended Zimbabwe independence celebrations in 1980. Both the countries participated actively in several conferences like CHOGM (Common Health Heads of Government Meeting), NAM (Non – Aligned Movement) and G – 15 (Group of 15).

India offers 235 ITEC slots and 9 ICCR slots to the Zimbabwe citizens.

The Joint Commission Agreement was signed by the countries in 1987. So far, 4 meeting have been held. However, no meetings were held after 1996 due to Zimbabwe’s economic turmoil. Zimbabwe recently started following Look East Policy and India is now looked as an important trading partner. In 2017 – 18 India exported 163 million USD worth goods to Zimbabwe. In the same year, the imports from the country were 62 million USD.

Private companies have set up multi seed edible oil producing plants in Zimbabwe. Their investments in the sector are around 1.5 million USD. Other Indian companies have invested in electronics manufacturing sector, cotton production, water supply and sewage systems.

There are around 9,000 Indians living in Zimbabwe.

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