India, UK launch Innovating for Clean Air initiative in Bengaluru

India and United Kingdom launched two-year joint initiative- Innovating for Clean Air (IfCA) n Bengaluru, capital of Karnataka. It is aimed at providing unique air quality measurement system by integrating satellite and sensor data and support India’s transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Innovating for Clean Air (IfCA)

  • Features: It will identify innovations having potential to improve air quality and contribute to more detailed localised map of air quality of Bengaluru through unique combination of satellite and sensor data, including both on-the-ground and mobile data.
  • It will identify relevant challenges around EV-charging infrastructure, integrating renewable energy and grid management to ensure sufficient, reliable and clean source of power.
  • It will also facilitate opportunities for Indian and UK innovators to collaborate in developing long-lasting relationships to address these challenges.
  • Participating bodies in programme: It is led by Innovate UK — part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and is funded by Newton Fund with matched resources from various key partners in Karnataka and India, like Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Enzen, Project Lithium, Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) , C40 Cities and Clean Air Platform.
  • Its other partners include Indian Institute for Information Technology Bangalore (IIIT-B), Citizens for Sustainability, World Resources Institute, Shakti Foundation, Shell Technology Centre, Global Business Inroads and India Smart Grid Forum.


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