India, UAE Launch Maiden Military Exercise ‘Desert Cyclone’

The Indian and UAE armies have commenced their first-ever joint military training exercise called ‘Desert Cyclone’ in Rajasthan on January 2. The drills aim to enhance counter-insurgency capabilities in desert terrain.

Scale and Scope

Over 45 troops each from India’s Mechanised Infantry and the UAE’s Zayed First Brigade are participating in the 14-day mega exercise hosted at Mahajan field firing ranges.

The war games, ending January 15, encompass sub-conventional operations including urban combat in desert and semi-desert settings under a UN peacekeeping mandate.

Focus Activities

Key drills involve:

  • Establishing joint command centers
  • Conducting cordon and search raids
  • Executing helicopter missions
  • Dominating built-up areas

Such collaborative exercises help validate doctrines and tactics between armies besides signalizing growing bilateral defence ties.

Key Takeaways

The first-of-its-kind Desert Cyclone exercise marks deepening India-UAE strategic cooperation in recent years, as the countries ramp up military diplomacy.

Training shoulder-to-shoulder fosters interoperability and prepares contingents to undertake coordinated peace enforcement.



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