India to provide CoWIN technology to other countries

India has decided to make CoWIN platform an open source for other countries in order to enable them to use this technology to run their own vaccination drives.

Which countries to join?

Countries including Vietnam, Iraq, Peru, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Panama, Nigeria, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and Uganda have expressed their interest in learning about CoWIN technology to run their vaccination programmes.

Co-WIN App

Co-WIN is a digital platform that helped in implementation of nationwide COVID-19 vaccination programme in India. It is also called as Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network. This cloud-based IT platform is supposed to handle minute details with respect to India’s Covid-19 immunisation programme. It provides for registration of beneficiaries, allocation of vaccination centres, sending text messages with name of their vaccinator and live monitoring of vials stored in cold storage.

Who developed the platform?

Co-WIN platform is owned by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.  Earlier, this platform was used to conduct Pulse Polio and other crucial immunisation programmes in India. Ministry of Electronics & IT and National Informatics Centre are backend supporters


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