India, Israel to boost Defence cooperation

During the 15th India-Israel Working Group Meeting on October 29, 2021 in Tel Aviv, India and Israel decided to set up a new Task Force to boost the Defence Cooperation. They also decided to form a sub-working group.


  • The meeting was co-chaired by Defence Secretary of India, Dr Ajay Kumar and Director General of Ministry of Defence of Israel, Maj Gen (Retd) Amir Eshel.
  • They reviewed the progress in Military-to-Military engagements including industry cooperation and exercises.
  • They also reviewed the progress made by Sub Working Groups (SWG) on Research & Development and Defence Procurement & Production.
  • They further decided to schedule a Service level Staff talks in a specified time frame.

India-Israel Joint Working Group (JWG)

India & Israel Joint Working Group (JWG) on Bilateral Defence Cooperation agreed to form a Task Force for formulating a comprehensive Ten-Year Roadmap in order to identify new areas of cooperation.

About Joint Working Group

Joint Working Group is an apex body between “Ministry of Defence” of both the countries. It comprehensively review & guide all the aspects of Bilateral Defence Cooperation.

Sub-Working Group (SWG) on Defence Industry Cooperation

Countries also decided to establish a SWG on Defence Industry Cooperation. For this purpose, they signed a Terms of Reference. Creation of SWG will provide for efficient utilisation of bilateral resources, sharing of industrial capabilities and effective flow of technologies.

India-Israel Defence Cooperation

Bilateral relation between India and Israel are driven by their respective national interests like India’s goals of military modernisation, and Israel’s advantage in commercialising its arms industries. Defence cooperation between both the countries has expanded to include sectors like counter-terrorism, space and cyber security & intelligence sharing. In 2017, India was the largest arms customer of Israel, with the sale of about 715 million USD.


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