India Interagency Expert Committee on Malaria and Climate (IEC)

India Meteorological Department (IMD) and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) have partnered with “Malaria No More” which is a non-governmental organisation.

Key Points

  • IMD & ICMR launched an expert committee to explore and advance climate-based solutions to eliminate malaria in India, in collaboration with “Malaria NO More”.
  • Committee is being called as “India Interagency Expert Committee on Malaria and Climate (IEC)”.

About IEC

IEC is part of a global initiative called “Forecasting Healthy Futures” which seeks to develop data-informed strategies & policies to improve health outcomes. It will focus on improving models to combat Malaria. IEC will comprise of leading experts & researchers from health, climate and technology fields. They will help in defining and operationalizing sophisticated climate-based malaria prediction tools. These tools will be tailored to Indian context in order to boost progress toward India’s goal of eliminating malaria by 2030.

Function of Committee

Committee will help in combining meteorological information with information from health sector to examine micro-trends and predict malaria patterns.  This can strengthen India’s efforts.

Role of ICMR

ICMR will provide scientific information to develop robust and scalable use cases to combat vector borne diseases.

Role of “Malaria No More”

Malaria No More will help in producing data-driven solutions, through its weather-based prediction model, to plan for national malaria prevention campaigns, test and treatment.


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