IISR gets Patent for Black Pepper Micronutrient

Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)-Indian Institute of Spices Research (IISR) got patent for black pepper micronutrient foliar formulation for which it had submitted application in 2013.

Key Points

  • ICAR-IISR submitted an application for patent in 2013 to the patent office under Central government.
  • Technology has been licensed to seven entrepreneurs for commercial production, on non-exclusive basis. It is expected that, more entrepreneurs will apply for technology licence of patented product.

Designer Micronutrient foliar

ICAR-IISR developed crop designer micronutrient foliar formulations for major spices like black pepper, turmeric, ginger and cardamom in a bid to overcome micronutrient deficiencies. It also seeks to meet physiological and metabolic requirements of spice crops.

Black pepper-specific micronutrient formulation

Black pepper-specific micronutrient formulation was developed by a team comprising of three scientists- Dr. V. Srinivasan, Dr. S. Hamza and Dr. R. Dinesh.  Micronutrient mixture of black pepper improves quality of produce. It is environment-friendly and is already popular among farmers.

Why it was developed?

Micronutrient mixture for black pepper was designed to fulfil requirements of black pepper crop by maintaining optimal ratio of secondary micronutrients such as zinc, magnesium and boron in leaf. This method is recommended for black pepper as a foliar spray during spike initiation as the monsoon begins. Application of black pepper micronutrient mixture enhances quality of produce and contributes to health of vines.


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