Highlights from the National Aquatic Championships

In the ongoing 73rd Glenmark Senior National Aquatic Championship is being held to promote the competitive swimming amongst the Indian population and aims to provide the Indian swimmers with a platform to showcase their talent.

Highlights from the 73rd Glenmark Senior National Aquatic Championship 

  • Several national records were broken in the event with four national records broken in nine separate categories (seven individual and two team events).
  • One of the top finds of the 73rd Glenmark Senior National Aquatic Championship has been the swimmer Srihari Nataraj from Karnataka who has dominated the men’s 100m freestyle title. He then broke his own national record to win the gold in the 50m backstroke event.

About the Glenmark Aquatic Foundation

  • The Glenmark Aquatic Foundation(GAF) is a non-profit group dedicated to promoting competitive swimming and its related events in India.
  • The main vision of the GAF is to provide a conducive environment for the Indian Swimmers to attain podium finishes in various international swimming events.
  • This is significant as the Aquatic Sports have some of the most medals in the Olympic Games and it is important for every global sporting power to win several golds in the swimming for a shot at the top of the medal tally.
  • GAF, which was established in 2015, intends to get this objective by changing the ecosystem of the sport in India.
  • The Glenmark Aquatic Foundation is a CSR initiative of the Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Group.

The mission statement of the GAF

The mission statement of GAF is “To enable Indian swimmers to achieve podium finishes in International Swimming meets by transforming the ecosystem of the sport in India”.

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