High-Speed Rail Linking Las Vegas and Los Angeles

President Joe Biden announced a groundbreaking $3 billion investment in a high-speed rail project connecting Las Vegas and Los Angeles during an event at the Las Vegas Carpenters International Training Center on December 8. This initiative marks the first high-speed rail project in the history of the United States and is part of an $8.2 billion investment in ten major rail projects across the country.

Transformational Impact

  • The high-speed rail project aims to reduce the travel time between Los Angeles and Las Vegas from seven hours to just three hours.
  • President Biden emphasized that the project will significantly cut carbon emissions, equivalent to taking three million vehicles off the highway.

Environmental Benefits

  • With this rail link, people can typically reach their destinations faster on a train than by car, leading to a reduction in carbon footprint.
  • The new rail project is expected to transport 11 million passengers annually, offering a more efficient and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

Economic Opportunities and Job Creation

  • This rail link project would be California’s most ambitious rail project in the entire Western Hemisphere.
  • The initiative is projected to create new businesses, attract residents and visitors, and stimulate economic growth, particularly in California’s Central Valley.

Ambitious Vision

  • Presently, 69 rail projects are still in the early stages across 44 states.
  • A $9 billion investment is earmarked for replacing over 1,000 Amtrak engines and cars with state-of-the-art equipment manufactured in America, supporting American workers.



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