Guru Gorakhnath Board

The Rajasthan government’s recent initiative to set up the Guru Gorakhnath Board marks a significant step towards addressing the challenges faced by the Jogi, Yogi, and Nath communities in the state. Its primary objective is to identify and alleviate the problems and issues plaguing these backward classes while ensuring their access to basic and necessary facilities.

Identifying and Addressing Community Issues

The Guru Gorakhnath Board’s main purpose is to conduct a comprehensive survey to identify the specific problems and issues faced by the Jogi, Yogi, and Nath communities in Rajasthan. By understanding their unique challenges, the board aims to propose targeted solutions that will improve the living conditions and prospects of these communities.

Suggesting Welfare Measures to the State Government

Based on the primary survey report, the Guru Gorakhnath Board will send well-researched suggestions to the state government. These suggestions will encompass various welfare measures tailored to meet the needs of the backward classes. The board intends to focus on the provision of essential facilities and amenities that can uplift the quality of life for the marginalized communities.

Coordinating with Departments for Effective Implementation

In addition to proposing new schemes, the board will play a vital role in coordinating with different government departments. This coordination is crucial to ensure the effective implementation of ongoing schemes that target the betterment of the Jogi, Yogi, and Nath communities. By fostering collaboration among various departments, the board seeks to streamline the delivery of services and maximize their impact.

Promoting Educational and Economic Progress

The Guru Gorakhnath Board recognizes the significance of education and economic stability in uplifting marginalized communities. Therefore, the board will work diligently on promoting progress in these areas. Through targeted initiatives and programs, it aims to enhance educational opportunities and create avenues for economic growth and self-sufficiency among the backward classes.

Composition of the Board

The Guru Gorakhnath Board will consist of five non-official members, including a chairman, vice-chairman, and three other members. This diverse composition ensures the representation of different perspectives and expertise, contributing to a well-rounded approach in addressing the community’s challenges.



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