Government launches #YesIBleed menstrual hygiene campaign

The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has launched #YesIBleed menstrual hygiene campaign on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2018. It is second edition of such campaign that aims to create holistic approach to issue of menstruation, which is experience that transcends culture, class, and caste.

Key Facts

The “#Yes I Bleed” campaign has been initiated formally across all multi-media platforms, including Facebook and YouTube to spread awareness about issue. The National Commission of Women (NCW) has extended full support to Shewings in endevour to spread awareness about the core issue of every woman’s concern.


The United Nations has recognised menstrual hygiene as global public health and human rights issue. Yet across the globe, period poverty as some call it, is reality for millions of women and girls. Menstruation is still taboo subject in India and even women are uncomfortable discussing in public. There is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a natural physiological process
According to the results of the study, “Sanitary Protection: Every Woman’s Health Right”, only 12% of Indian women have access to sanitary napkins and remaining 88% have no access as they find sanitary pads unaffordable. The use unsanitised cloth, tree leaves, husk sand and even ash. These can cause severe reproductive health problems and infections and can also lead to cervical cancer.
In India’s rural areas, women lack of resources, education and awareness about personal hygiene and hygiene products and don’t even have any conversation around menstruation. It is necessary for people to understand that menstrual hygiene is of utmost importance and there should be openness about puberty and menstrual hygiene in the country.


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