Goa Observes Statehood Day

Goa observed statehood day on 30th May. It commemorates the day the state of Goa attained statehood the 25th State of the Indian Union on May 30th in 1987.

History of Goa

The earliest traces of human settlement in the regions of Goa can be traced to the upper Palaeolithic or Mesolithic periods which are testified by the Usgalimal rock engravings. Later the region was subjected to rule of Mauryan and Satavahana during the iron age.

Goa was ruled by the Kadamba kingdom, Vijayanagara Empire, Bahmani Sultanate and Bijapur Sultanate during the medieval era.

Defeating the Bijapur Sultanate, Portuguese invaded Goa in 1510. Portuguese ruled the territory for about 450 years. Hence there is a deep influence of the Portuguese culture on the Goan culture, cuisine, and architecture.

The Indian Army invaded and annexed Goa in 1961. Goa was incorporated in the Indian union as a union territory. Goa was granted statehood in 1987.