“Globalizing Indian Thought”, an International Conclave held at Kozhikode

On January 17, 2020, the International Conclave on “Globalizing Indian Thought” was held in IIM, Kozhikode. PM Modi addressed the conclave. The conclave aimed at revealing India’s thoughts in becoming one of top three economies of the world.


India is stepping towards the goal of becoming a 5 trillion Dollar economy by 2025. This will make India one of the top three economies in the world after US and China. It is essential for India to reveal its path while it is achieving such goals. The Conclave is an initiative to achieve this.

The Conclave focuses on India’s thought on development. The thoughts are as follows

  • Satyam-Truth
  • Nithyam-Sustainability
  • Purnam-Wholeness.

The conversations on globalizations have so far been synonymous with westernization. India does not contribute to such conversations. Through these conclaves India says that India has always stick to its intellectual heritage, innovative knowledge system and rich traditions.

According to India, the three thoughts Satyam, Nithyam and Purnam influence the world greatly.


The Conclave is important as it reveals India and its path towards development to the global market. Ethically, it is important to choose the right path of development. With the world marching towards development, it is important to get hold of traditional routes to sustain mankind. The conclave is important to convey this message to the world. The Conclave also offers opportunities to thinkers across different professions to converge their ideas into creative platforms.


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