World Energy Congress: The new Turkey-Russia reset

Putin and Erdogan have once again voiced support and possibilities for the construction of a gas pipeline which had been put off due to rising tensions between the two nations. In two different addresses at the World Energy Congress being held at Istanbul, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin have expressed new hopes to complete the Turkish Stream project- the pipeline which is slated to carry Russian gas to Turkey and other nations of European Union.

This was the first time Putin was visiting Turkey after their relations sank last year after a Turkish fighter jet had gunned down a Russian warplane alongside the Syrian border. Russia had come with a very stern reaction by deploying long-range defence missiles at its Syrian air-base and also putting a line of economic sanctions on Turkey.  Although relations took a new turn after the apology by Erdogan however, both nations still differ over Syrian strategy and plan. Russia has always stood by Assad government throughout the years of unrest and had further intensified the support by launching an air campaign against the rebels in last September. Contrastingly, Turkey has always stood against Assad and helped the rebel factions.

Putin in his address also announced support to the Turkish government against the failed attempts of coup and congratulated Erdogan for being able to maintain control over the worsening situation in the nation. The two leaders will also meet on  the sidelines of World Energy Congress to discuss economic partnership and Syria. This will be the first time both leaders will meet ever since the relations had ebbed last year. Keeping trade in energy as the central premise both nations have realised the synergy in partnership. Turkey is massively dependent on imports from Russia and thus needs to ensure the same in addition to energy security. First nuclear power station of Turkey is also being built with Russian help.




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