Who would discharge the duties of President , if seats of both President and Vice President are vacant in India?

Chief Justice of India. Justice M Hidaytullah acted a president in 1969 in his capacity as Chief justice of India as both the offices of President and Vice president were vacant at that time. Justice Mohammad Hidayatullah was holding the post of Chief Justice of India, the then Acting President of India, late V.V. Giri, tendered resignation in order to contest the Presidential Election. Justice Hidayatullah was thereupon sworn in as the Acting President of India on 20th July 1969 and served in that capacity till late V.V. Giri was sworn in as the duly elected President of the Republic. After his retirement as the Chief Justice of India, he was unanimously elected as the Vice President of India as a result of a consensus amongst different political parties and occupied that high office with distinction from 1979 to 1984.
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