Who was Anasuya Sarabhai?

Anasuya Sarabhai was a leader of Ahmedabad Mill Strike. As a founder of Ahmedabad Textile Labour Association, she is the pioneer of labour movement in India.

Anasuya was born in Ahmedabad on 11 November 1885 into industrialist Sarabhai family. He parents had died when she was nine year old and she was taken care of by her brother Ambalal Sarabhai. She had gone to England in 1912 to get a degree in medical science but then switched to London School of Economics.

In England, Anasuya was deeply influenced by the  Fabian Society and Suffragette movement. She had become an ardent socialist when returned to India. Once returned, she worked for women and poor and opened a school for them. She invited Mahatma Gandhi to Ahmedabad and organised textile workers in a 1914. He support led success of Ahmedabad Mill Strike. In 1920, Gandhi also formed Ahmedabad Textile Labour Association (Majoor Mahajan Sangh) with her support.
Anasuya Sarabhai also helped Mahatma Gandhi in setting up the infrastructure of Sabarmati Ashram along with Shankarlal Banker and Narhari Parikh.

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