What is the meaning of Adwords?

Adwords or Google Adwords is an online service which is popularly used by the advertisers primarily for online promotions of content, brand, websites etc. This is achieved via certain keywords which generate traffic and leads. Thus, it is a short advertising copy with keywords showing on Google web pages and other web publishers if their content is matched with the keyword.

It is by matching content to the one that appears on publisher’s web page, Adwords is able to generate enough traffic on the website thereby ruling out any need to purchase advertising inventory on other sites. Advertisers mostly pay as per cost per click model which goes as revenue to Adwords a percentage of which is ultimately shared with the publisher. It enables the publisher to pay for only genuine traffic besides allowing the publisher to monetise the content. Adwords also offers cost per mile, site-targeted advertising and also re-targeting.

This is primarily done to generate traffic locally, nationally and internationally. Another specific advantage of Adwords is that it allows its users to be able to place their advertisements at a specific location, language and even IP address.

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