Systematic Voter’s Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) was launched by Election Commission of India to inform, educate, motivate and facilitate voters and in turn make Indian democracy more participative and meaningful. In SVEEP, every aspect of the election process is simulated to ensure enhanced voters’ participation in the polling. This programme has been successful in increasing voter registration and high voter turnout with greater participation from youth and women. This programme was started in 2014 from Bihar. The Election Commission has created a SVEEP wing to plant and implement the interventions. For successful implementation, ECI has collaborated with:

  • Government, public, civil society groups, media and NGOs.
  • Educational institutions, youth organizations such as NYKS, NSS, NCC etc.
Various Components of SVEEP
  • Voters’ Behaviour Survey
  • Formulation of State and District level SVEEP plans
  • Personnel for State level
  • State and District level core groups
  • Collaboration with Government departments
  • Collaboration with CSOs, Media and organisations
  • National Voters Day
  • Identification of National and State Icons

In 2011, Election Commission of India launched the National Voters Day to be celebrated on 25 January every year as a part of the SVEEP Programme.


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