Raleigh Commission

The Viceroy filled with imperialistic design was not in favor of giving any power to the Indians. He concluded the Indian Universities and the colleges were slowly becoming cradle of Propaganda against the Government. So, with an idea to bring the Universities under control, Lord Curzon appointed Raleigh Commission under Sir Thomas Raleigh.

  • The Raleigh Commission had only one Indian member, Syed Hussain Belgrami.
  • But when the Hindus protested about this, Justice Guru Das Banerjee was called from the High Court of Calcutta and made a member.

    This commission submitted its report in 1902 and this followed introduction of a Bill called Raleigh Bill. The Raleigh Bill when became an act, it was called Indian Universities Act 1904.

    Hunter Commission vs. Raleigh Commission

    The Hunter Commission of 1882 which was appointed by Lord Ripon left the University education completely and emphasized upon the primary education. On the contrary, the Raleigh Commission excluded the primary education completely and emphasized upon the Higher Education only.



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