Number of Branches and ATMs in India

The following table shows the number of the commercial bank branches in India as of March 2013.

No. of branches of Scheduled Commercial Banks as on 31st March, 2013
Bank GroupRuralSemi-urbanUrbanMetropolitanTotal
Public Sector Banks2328618854146491363270421
Private Sector Banks193751283722379714584
Foreign Banks8965249331
Regional Rural Banks12722322889116617007

In 2009, the number of total branches in the country stood at 80,200. The following table shows the growth of the branches in the country in last five years.

As onRuralSemi-urbanUrbanMetropolitanTotal 
March 31, 20093147619126152731432580200
March 31, 20103249320855166861544685480
March 31, 20113390523114175991641991037
March 31, 20123635625797187811739698330
March 31, 201337953272191932717844102343

As of March 2013, the number of ATMs in India is as follows:

Number of ATMs in India as of March 2013
Bank GroupRuralSemi-UrbanUrbanMetropolitanTotal
Public Sector Banks855218445225182013769652
Old Private Sector Banks7682760235416847566
New Private Sector Banks22146484109951584235535
Foreign Banks30212449661261

Other important information about branch banking in India is as follows:

  • In December 1969, there were just 8826 scheduled commercial bank branches in India. This number was 59,762 in March 1990 and stands at 1,02,343 end of March 2013. Out of the 102,343 branches of Scheduled Commercial Banks (SCBs), 37,953 (37%) bank branches are in the rural areas and 27,219 (26%) in semi-urban areas, constituting 63 per cent of the total numbers of branches in semi-urban and rural areas of the country.
  • The Nationalized banks have around 4 times the number of branches of the Private sector banks in India.
  • Per cent of ATMs to Branches stands maximum for the Foreign Banks.
  • The number of ATMs Private sector banks is almost equal to the number of ATMs in Nationalized Banks, but half of the number of Public Sector Bank ATMs. This indicated the high number of ATMs of the SBI group.
  • There are 6 Lakh villages in India as per 2001 Census. The Average Population per Bank Branch (APBB) as on 31.3.2013 stands at 12,100. The The average population per branch office was 64,000 in 1969.

As per Census 2011, 58.7% households (67.8% urban & 54.4% rural ) are availing banking services in the country. Thus, a significant proportion of the households, especially in rural areas, are still outside the formal fold of the banking system.

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