• The motherboard is the main circuit board of the computer and as such acts as the “circulation system” of the computer. All signals used by the computer are processed by the motherboard. Memory chips, the central processor, expansion boards and cables to disk drives all attach to the motherboard.
  • A motherboard is very much like a city with many apartments, hotels etc. each using power from a common electrical system. Multiple lane highways of various widths transport data between the buildings. Thus, a motherboard is the data and power infrastructure for the entire computer. It’s a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that contains and controls the components that are responsible for processing data. The major components of a motherboard include the CPU, memory and basic controllers for the system.
  • Thus, the CPU is housed in the motherboard, which connections that allow the various components to communicate with each other. The motherboard must have a socket for at least one CPU chip, and sockets for typically 2 or 4 memory “sticks”. The back panel has plugs for keyboard. mouse. USB. ethernet, and external disks. Motherboards have integrated video and audio. It also has many slots and connectors
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