Minority Advocacy Groups versus Women’s Rights Groups

The fight for a cause first and foremost requires mobilisation of people who are ready to fight for their cause. Minorities rallied together behind the cause of ending discrimination against them and protection of their rights. However, women have failed to consolidate themselves behind one form of feminism. There are multiples forms and types of feminism that hold varying stands on every aspect from abortion to prostitution to objectification of women. This makes the women’s movement fragmented and their message becomes of incoherence. The existence of such deep divisions among feminist organisations jeopardizes their effectiveness.

Also, while minority groups have successfully organized themselves and created a voter base for them, feminist organisations have failed to make a mark in politics. Political parties protecting the interests of minorities are quite common, but there isn’t a single party dedicated to the cause of women.  Additionally, some theocratic countries and Islamic countries are purportedly anti-feminism and would look down unfavourably upon the political mobilization of women. Thus, the lack of a cohesive stand, failure to unite and take a firm political stand has rendered women’s rights groups and feminist groups ineffective.

Question for UPSC Mains:
"Minority advocacy groups have also proved more successful than women’s rights groups in India and the world." Do you agree with this view? Critically examine.