PK Posters and the whole new flavours in Hindi Movies

Aamir Khan’s new movie is already making circles in newswires. It started from controversies around his brave act of no cover. The production house has finally managed to silence many a mouths by the revelation of the much awaited next poster which surprisingly portrays him in a top-toe covered version of a typical Rajasthani lad. He holds a big trumpet which was ironically blown in the first poster itself.

Aamir Khan who pairs with Anushka Sharma in PK, has already given a blockbuster 3 idiots with the director Rajkumar Hirani. The film also shows Boman Irani and Sanjay Dutt in lead roles. The promoters of the movie who had been highly criticised for their audacity in the first poster seems to have twitched their marketing strategy in this poster. It actually also gives way to a new debate which can be done on various parameters:

Why does nudity really sell?

This question has finally come to haunt many thinktanks in India who used to take pride in the rich cultural values and ethos of our society. The speed of societal change and grasp of western attitudes has left the basics of our moral system far behind. Hindi Cinema has played a great role in the life of every Indian as all connect to it. If the movie does not even deal with a subject which requires boldness on part of actors, yet such sequences and attire are added as icing on the cake. This actually calls for a serious review of the trends which are setting in the new version of the Cinema. The pretext that nudity sells, is strong enough especially when everyone has access to every information digitally. The youth is so much exposed and opened to such information that they have become mature to assimilate it. The question is, really?

Do we need to check Hindi Cinema?

No. Its not the cinema but the audience which needs to mature and grow. Putting a taboo on Hindi Cinema and the actors won’t help as this is not the only source from where such things can be picked. One needs more of moral and mental training to take entertainment as entertainment and nothing else. It is an individual choice to watch something and not to watch it. One should not draw conclusions based on movies/visuals which are purely designed for entertainment purposes especially if the red line is not crossed. In this age of globalization where everything has become global, so have the vices. If we now share lifestyles of west, we also have to share their cultures. Hindi Cinema is playing the right role of standing-by and enumerating contemporary cultural ways. If the stories, scripts, dialogues, backgrounds have become more woven with real-life, so have the attitudes and fundamental realities.

Is it advisable and possible to roll-back?

The answer to both the parts may vary with perceptions and other demographic factors. The only thread which is common is the change which we all need to adapt and be open to. If we don’t leave our decency and civil-codes by watching intense scenes of terror or war and are mature enough to accept such gross videos which are becoming a daily part of our news, why can’ t we accept these changes in entertainment industry with grace and without playing the blame-game. If we only get entertained and not instigated by this new “show”-biz world, we are okay. We need to draw mental boundaries and simply accept the fact- that with everything around us even the forms, style and limits of entertainment need to be revised.