List of Chemical Names of Common Compounds

Common NameChemical Name
AlumAmmonium aluminium sulphate
AspirinAcetyl salicyclic acid
Battery acid or oil of vitriolSulphuric acid
Blue vitriolCopper sulphate
Baking sodaSodium bicarbonate
Bleaching powderCalcium chlorohypochlorite
BoraxSodium tetraborate
Butter of tinStanic chloride
Caustic sodaSodium hydroxide
Caustic potashPotassium hydroxide
Carbolic acidPhenol
Chile saltpeterSodium nitrate
CarborundumSilicon carbide
Corrosive sublimateMercuric chloride
ColomelMercuric chloride
Dry iceCarbon dioxide (solid)
FormalinFormaldehyde (40% solution)
Grain alcohol (spirit)Ethyl alcohol
Green vitriolFerrous sulphate
GypsumCalcium sulphate
Gammexane (bhc)Benzene hexachloride
Corrosive sublimateMercuric chloride
ColomelMercurous chloride
Dry iceCarbon dioxide (dolid)
ForemalinFormaldehyde (40% solution)
Grain alcohol (spirit)Ethyl alcohol
Green vitriolFerrous sulphate
GypsumCalciumm sulphate
GammexaneBenzene hexachloride
Butter of tinStanic chloride
Caustic sodaSodium hydroxide
Caustic potashPotsssium hydroxide
Carbolic acidPhenol
Chile saltpetreSodium nitrate
CarbrundumSilicon carbide
Corrosive sublimateMercuric chloride
HydrolithCalcium hydride
Hypo (antichlor)Sodium thio sulphate
Indian nitrePotassium nitrate
Lime stoneCalcium carbonate
Lunar causticSilver nitrate
Laughing gasNitrous oxide
LithargeLead monoxide
MuraticHydrochloric acid
Mohr's saltFerrous ammonium sulphate
Milk of magnesiaMagnesium hydroxide
Microcosmic saltSodium ammonium hydrogen posphate
Marsh gas (damp-fire)Methane
OleumSulphuric acid(fuming)
OxoneSodium peroxide
Plaster of parisCalcium sulphate hemihydrate
Philospher's woolZinc oxide
PhosgeneCarboxyl chloride
Pearl ashPotassium carbonate
PyreneCarbon tetrachloride
Picric acid2, 4, 6, trinitrophenol
Quick limeCalcium oxide
Red lead (minium)Lead tetroxide
Salked lime(milk of lime )Calcium hydroxide
Sal ammoniacAmmonium chloride
Sugar of leadLead acetate
SandSilicon dioxide
Table salt (common salt)Sodium chloride
TelTetra-ethyl lead
Tear gasChloropicrin
Washing sodaSodium carbonate
Water glassSodium silicate
White vitriolZinc sulphate



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