Hong Kong 19-year old leader deported from Thailand

Joshua Wong, a 19-year old student activist who was the face of the pro-democracy protest movement in China was detained upon his arrival at Thailand airport. Joshua Wong was invited to two universities in Bangkok at the anniversary commemorating the massacre of Thai student activists in 1976. He was to speak about the lessons to be learnt from the 79-day street protests during umbrella movement in Hong Kong and on starting up his own political party under the name of Demosisto. Nathan Law the co-founder of Demosisto became the youngest legislator in Hong Kong at the age of 23. The supporters of Wong have accused China behind the move as it had requested the Chinese to blacklist Wong.  Owing to the same he was denied entry to Thailand.  Wong was also refused entry to Penang, Malaysia in May 2015 where also he was invited to talk about his experiences as a campaigner.

The Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong had brought the life in city to a complete halt for 3 months. It was a grave challenge for the Communist Party rule in Beijing. The Movement took shape spontaneously. It got its name as marking umbrella a symbol of defiance and resistance against the Hong Kong police and the decisions of Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPCSC). The movement resonated with hearts of people and students in Hong Kong and in over 64 cities around the world. It has inspired many defenders of human rights in both Vietnam and Thailand. Ever since the movement, the activists have complained of harassment at the hands of political opposition. Hong Kong was a British Colony and had come under Chinese rule in 1997.

Wong will be sent back to Hong Kong on a commercial flight next Wednesday.