GkToday Masters: Concept

The concept of GKToday Masters is very simple. This program aims to provide you the maximum yet concise information in minimum possible time & cost. This is a 52 weeks rigorous training program which makes you ready for the exam covering a predefined syllabus along with the day to day current affairs. Each day we publish 4 posts.
  1. Concise Notes as per Our Program & Memorable points of the day related to the notes.
  2. Objective Test on the notes provided
  3. 50-50: These are very short snippets or writings about 10 concepts / words /questions everyday in not exceeding 50 words. I call them 50-50. 20 words Questions make a scoring part in Civil Services Exam (Main Paper) of General Studies. We try to make you acquainted with as many terms and concepts as possible. They are related to current affairs, socio-political arena, world panorama, science & Technology and Computers, persons and places etc.
  4. Current Affairs: A daily digest which comprises the newsbytes, snippets, facts & summary of the news of a particular date further divided into subsections viz. National, International, Foreign Affairs, Business & Economy and Sports.

Schedule & Procedure:

  1. We upload the posts everyday mostly in the evening / early morning so that you get the content everyday in the morning hours.
  2. The program uses blogger technology which helps us to post quizzes with user defined answers (answer buttons) as well as printable format.
  3. User defined answers are for you to practice using your computer and print versions are there for you print and read at your age.
  4. The program is designed in such a way that you need to devote 2 hours every day apart from your other sources of preparations. This program will be a super supplement to your studies towards achieving your goal. If you are not able to follow for one week or so you will definitely lag behind. However all the archives will be there in the blog and you are free to print study at your ease.
  5. Sunday Objective Test will comprise 2 quizzes with 25 questions based upon previous weeks study and current affairs. Special Test paper is to judge the depth of the study of previous week
  6. There will be 1 Master Test Paper with 100 objective Questions on 1st of every Month apart from the other test papers.
  7. If we are unable to post content on some particular day(s) due to technical or other reasons we post it next day or so.

The total content of the 52 weeks program is as follows: (These are minimum numbers, Actual figures are more than mentioned here)

  1. Concise Notes 52 X 7 = 364 posts.
  2. Objective Tests : 52 X 6 X 25= 7800 Objective Questions
  3. Sunday Tests : 52 X 50= 2600 Objective Questions
  4. Monthly Master Test Papers = 12 X 100 = 1200 Objective Questions
  5. 50-50 questions: 52X10X7= 3640 questions /explainations
  6. Current Affairs of the entire year covered on daily basis.

How & when the program will be conducted?

  1. Blogger Technology helps us to manage our program in a suitable and efficient way.
  2. We are starting the First batch in the First week of December 2009. So the program will finish in December 2010.
  3. The program primarily aims to cater those students who are preparing for IAS 2011, however if you are preparing for IAS 2010 , you may join our program for next 3-4 months. (Keep two months for yourself to revise everything before the prelims)
  4. Initially we had decided to keep the program for 100 people. Since we received a good response from our readers towards this program, we have decided to maintain batch system if the number exceeds to 100. Each batch shall have a unique URL.
  5. The content is accessible to 100 people of a batch at a time.
  6. There are no previous archives for a new batch. Everything starts getting published from the commencement of the program.
  7. Our program covers only Conventional subjects and current affairs. It does not cover mental ability and Essay part. You will need to prepare using other sources for mental ability. However our factsheets and articles on current affairs will be helpful for you to put vital information’s in your essays.
  8. This Program does not provide you any warranty or implied guarantee.
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