General Compendium 6

1.What are the three components of national Food Security Mission?

2.Recently, the illegal modifications in which anti-ship missiles has been dubbed by US as a provocative and destabilizing action by Islamabad and a threat the “delicate” India-Pakistan ties?

3-6.Where are Located the Following Institutes?
3.Indian Institute of Geomagnetism

4.International Advanced Research center for Powder metallurgy and New materials

5.Salim Ali Centre for ornithology and Natural History

6.Tropical Forestry Research Institute

7.Which company is engaged in the Manufacturing of Zircon for India’s nuclear programme beside other than earth product?

8.Godfrey Hounsfield is related to which diagnostic process in medical science?

9.With which industry Naina Lal Kidwai is related to ?

10-13. The following personalities are related to which sports?
10.Shikha Tandon

11.Ignace Tirkey

12.Pankaj Advani

13.Rohan Bopanna

14.Which is the largest bone of human body ?

15.‘Tony the Tiger’ is the mascot for which product?

16.What does COFEPOSA deal with ?

17.Which company acquired Ranbaxy ?

18.Where is the westernmost point of India?

19.In which year the first declared was between India and Pakistan Fought?

20.Who were the founders of Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA)?

21-24. The following events / doctrines are related to which English Administrators?
21.Doctrine of lapse

22.Partition of Bengal

23.Dual government in Bengal

24.Social Reforms

25.The rebels of 1857 proclaimed Emperor to whom?

26.Who was the leader at Delhi in the 1857 revolt?

27.Who founded British Indian Association?

28.Who is considered as the pioneer of constitutional agitation in India?

29.During whose reign ilbert reign was introduced?

30.Who introduced vernacular press act ?

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