Gandhi- Irwin Pact 1931, March 5

Gandhi was authorized by the Congress to negotiate with Lord Irwin. The talks prolonged and the outcome of these talks was a pact known as Gandhi Irwin pact that was signed on March 5, 1931. Its main points were as follows:

  1. Gandhi agreed to discontinue the Civil Disobedience movement, on behalf of the Indian National Congress.
  2. Congress agreed to join the second Round Table Conference to chalk out the constitutional reforms on the basis of
    1. Federation
    2. Responsibility
    3. Safeguards for Indian opinion on matters of defense, external affairs, minorities and finances.
  3. The ordinance that was promulgated in the wake of the Civil Disobedience Movement was agreed to be withdrawn.
  4. All those detained in connection with the movement were to be released.
  5. The Government agreed to permit some people living at the sea cost to collect duty free salt.
  6. Government agreed to let the people picket peacefully, the shops that sold liquor.
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    5th is not cost but coast