Free Preview Mock Test Two : Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2010

Today we are publishing Second Preview Mock Test for Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2010. This Test Comprises 70 questions. The Test is in 4 parts. Everything is in PDF versions.

  • Part I: Test paper . It has 70 Objective Questions without answers
  • Part II : Answer Sheet which you have to fill using the Test paper
  • Part III : Solutions to check Your Answers.
  • Part IV : All the questions in Objective form and Answers with hints / explanations and snippets wherever we considered necessary.
  • You May Download All the Above 4 Files in One Go as a Zip File Here
  • New Readers May Download Preview Test paper I Here
  1. Note: Q. 48. Option B is Proton (which was mistakenly typed protein)



  • the Y

    great job man, very meticulous! Take ur time, i m sure once it starts, the wait will be well worth it….

    I keep getting amazed by ur preparedness and sincerity!

    Keep up the good job….

    "Seek ye first the good things of the mind n the rest will either follow or its loss will not be felt" – Bacon

    Surely applies to u and ur forum!!!

    – the Y

  • Anonymous

    u r all time gr8 in this field sir… thanks a lot..

  • tushar


    That was quite a quiz !!!

    Tough one but at par with UPSC..

    Thanks for the wonderful quiz !!!

    with Regards,
    Tushar Nikhare

  • Anonymous

    nice job sir

  • Dharam

    terrific…i am wordless…..sir i have messaged to all my friends in my phone and in my email ID, I think only people like you can create second Royal Society. Keep going sir, we all students are standing besides you no matter what! Very few people doing sincere job for society and nation and they should be fully protected and supported. You are an invaluable person for us!!!

    Thanks from the heart of my heart!

  • Anonymous

    awesome questions, covered variety of facets, but
    ideal score should have been given to know where we stand,

    Sandeep Singh