First Anglo Sikh War

First Anglo Sikh War 1845-46

Meanwhile, the Sind was annexed and British were teaming with energy. The established a cantt. at Ferozpur and amid the accusations and mutual demands, the British Army invaded Punjab. The war was fought and victory was in the British side. The outcome of this war was a peace pact called Treaty of Lahore signed on March 9, 1846.

Treaty of Lahore, March 9, 1846

As per the treaty of Lahore signed on March 9, 1846 between Lord Hardinge and 7 year old Maharaja Duleep Singh plus 7 members of the Lahore Durbar: –

  1. Sikhs lost Jammu, Kashmir, Hazara and some territories in Jalandhar Doab.
  2. Thus all claims south of Sutlej River were lost by Maharaja Duleep Singh.
  3. Rs. 1.5 Crore was paid to the British as war indemnity.
  4. The armies of the Punjab were now to be not more than 20000 horses.
  5. King agreed that he would not appoint any European in service without the consent of the British.
  6. The following people were recognized as masters of Punjab:
    1. Maharaja Duleep Singh as King
    2. Rani Jind Kaur as Regent
    3. Lal Singh as Wazir.
  7. A British resident was also kept at Lahore (Major Henry Lawrence).