List of Chief Justices of India

Important Prehistoric Sites in India and their location
Site Name Location Period
Timargarh Swat alley Pakistan Chalcolithic
Ahar Udaipur, Rajasthan Chalcolithic
Chandoli Maharashtra Chalcolithic
Ganeshwar Sikar, Rajasthan Chalcolithic
Ghaligai Cave Swat valley Chalcolithic
Gilund Rajasthan Chalcolithic
Gufkral Kashmir Chalcolithic
Inamgaon Bhima river system in Maharastra Chalcolithic
Nevasa Maharastra Chalcolithic
Diamabad Maharastra Largest Jorwe culture site, Chalcolithic
Adamgarh Narmada Valley Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh Mesolithic
Birbhanpur Banks of Damodar River in West Bengal Mesolithic
Chopani Mando Allahabad Uttar Pradesh Mesolithic
Lekhania Mirzapur Mesolithic
Morhana Pahar Narmada valley UP Mesolithic
Jalalbhalli Karnataka Mesolithic
Sarai Nahar Rai Pratap Garh , UP Mesolithic
Teri group Chennai, TN Mesolithic
Brahmagiri Karnataka Neolithic
Burzahom Kashmir Neolithic
Gumla Peshwar Neolithic
Koldihwa Allahabad Neolithic
Mehrgarh Pakistan Neolithic
Napchik Manipur Neolithic
Anjira Surb valley, Baluchistan Neolithic
Daojali Hading North kachhar hills Assam Neolithic
Mundigak Afghanistan Neolithic
Rana Ghundai Baluchistan Neolithic
Chirand Bihar Neolithic and Chalcolithic

* Date of Death, ** Date of Resignation