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  • Current affairs

    SSC qstns:
    1)Cement discovered by
    2)illiterate person A)AKBAR B)SHAHJAHAN C)AURANGAZEB C)jhahangir
    3)windows 7 comes with how many indian languages
    4)if the bullets injured man the bullets could not be removed it may cause poisonng of 1.lead2.asenic3.mercury4.iron
    5)RBI's report NPA(non performing assets)2008-2009–%
    6)presidents ordiance remain for-months
    7)third largest market to twitter
    8)exchange of commodities btwn 2 cntrs referrred as1.balanc eof trade 2.bilateral trade 3.volumetrade4.multilatral trade
    9.ecological hotspot of india
    10.monk who influenced asoka to embrace buddhism
    11.bigest tax paying sector industrial sector
    12.silver halides in photography bcse
    a.oxidised in air B.soluble in hyposolution 3. reduced by light 4.totalyy colourless
    1.acceleration due to gravity in eqator is——-that of poles
    14.not a nucleon is 1.positron2.proton3.nutron4.electron
    15.material in manufacturing of pencil is

  • Rakesh kumar Meena

    2)illiterate person A)AKBAR B)SHAHJAHAN C)AURANGAZEB


  • Anonymous

    ans. graphite