Discuss about the jurisdiction and powers of the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is a multi-jurisdictional Court and may be regarded as the most powerful Apex Court in the World.

  The Constitution confers very broad jurisdiction on the Court. The jurisdiction of the Court may be put under the following heads:

(i)The court has power to commit a person for its contempt (Article 129).

(ii)The Court has original jurisdiction to decide inter-governmental dispute

(Article 131).

(iii)The Court has appellate jurisdiction. It is the highest court of appeal in the country in all matters; civil or criminal (Articles 132 to 134).

(iv)The Court has a very extensive appellate jurisdiction under Article 136 from any court or tribunal in the country in matters not falling under heading (iii).

(v)The Apex Court as power under Article 32 to enforce Fundamental Rights

(Article 32).

(vi)The Court has advisory jurisdiction (Article 143).

(vii)The Court has power to review its own decisions (Article 137).

(viii) The Court has power to make any order necessary for doing complete justice in any case (Article 142).