Delhi Cloud Region

Google had announced plans to open a Cloud Region in Delhi. This is to be the second such establishment in India.

 About Cloud Regions

Cloud regions are real life geographical locations where the resources for the cloud services are located. In case of Google, Cloud regions are composed of several zones. The resources can be classified as global, regional and zonal resources. While zonal resources can be used by other resources in that zone only, regional resources can be used by all the zones in the region. Global resources can be used across any location.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides hardware and software infrastructural service on a rental basis. It is an on-demand provision of computer resources like computing power or data storage. These can be enterprise clouds (for use by a single organisation) or public clouds (for use by many organisations).

 Cloud Regions in India

The upcoming Delhi Cloud Region of Google is to be the second such establishment in India. The Mumbai Cloud Region was launched in 2017. Google has 22 cloud regions globally and 8 are in the Asia Pacific. The Delhi Cloud region is expected to be launched in 2021 and will have 3 zones.


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