Current Affairs: August 2016 (Date wise PDF compilation)

Our constitution gives adequate safeguard for the protection of Tribal under article 342(I,II) and article 244 under Part X of the constitution, under which 5th and 6th schedule have been provided.

Fifth schedule provide the social autonomy in the tribal areas, under which they are to preserve and cherish their culture and tradition, with the inclusion of PESA in 1996, they were given more autonomy, In the Tribal Advisory Council, two third tribal person from the legislative assembly participated in the council, giving the political recognition to the tribal, working for their well being and there welfare. Since fifth schedule spread in the 9 state, 6th schedule was enforced in tribal areas of four states in, Meghalaya, Assam, Tripura, and Mizoram. This gives the unique social representation of the tribal people. It provided lot of autonomy in functioning as a legislative and executive level in the region. With 6th schedule Tribal regions were given autonomous status. In the political front from the district advisory council and state advisory council, they were given more political representation than the 5th schedule areas. Local tribal people were given more representation in the decision making process and its implementation. Hence in the social and political front 6th schedule areas were benefited more than the 5th schedule.

Recently there has been demand to put some 5th schedule areas to the 6th schedule in the wake of demanding more autonomy in governance and administration in the Tribal region. 6th schedule area provide autonomous status to the region and more tribal people participate in decision making and implementation process. Even PESA has not been so effective in its purpose of developing the tribal region. In the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh, with more cases of human right violation and its lack of developmental aspect, people have been demanding to put the region in the 6th schedule.

Though 6th schedule have its own limitation and demerit, so it can’t be considered as a full proof solution to deal with the situation, we need an integrated approach to deal with the issues for the development of Tribal areas.



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