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Climax of Career – Clive Fund

After the Battle of Buxar in 1764, Clive arrived in May 1765. Mir Jafar was dead before his arrival and he was succeeded by his son Kasim Ali. This time, the order of Clive’s superiors was to introduce some reforms which could “curb” the corruption in the East India Company.

The Salaries of the servants was increased and acceptance of Gifts from the Indians had been forbidden. But he himself was a corrupt, so there was no much positive achievement in the purification of the Company’s service, by prohibiting illicit gains, and guaranteeing a reasonable salary from honest sources only.

Mir Jafar, before dying, had bequeathed a large sum to Lord Clive. But he was unable to accept this money honorably as under the new orders forbade the Company’s officials to accept presents from natives.

  • With this money Clive established the Clive Fund for the disabled officers and men of the Company’s army. This was known as Clive’s Fund. The Fund was reverted to his heirs when the East India Company was dissolved.
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