Claim of the Indus Civilisation being a Vedic Civilisation

What is the rationale for describing the Harappan Civilisation as the Saraswati Civilisation? To what extent is it a credible rationale?

Some Indian historians make a claim essentially on the basis of the Puranas that Indus valley Civilization was one of the tribes / Janas of the Vedic civilization.  Puranas provide long lists of ancient dynasties, and the so-called Uttanapada Dynasty of Manu Swayambhuba of the tenth millennium BC is considered as the first of the dynasties that continue for thousands of years.

This claim is also made to describe Harappan civilization as Saraswati Civilization. Many Indus Valley sites like Kalibangan, Rakhigarhi, Banawali, Dholavira, Lothal are believed to be located along the Saraswati River.

However, this cannot be a credible rationale unless there are archaeological or any other types of evidence for claiming a continuity of Indian kingship from such an early period. The claim is thus treated with scepticism and the belief that no waves of migrants entered India after the tenth millennium BC is considered false. However, the claim finds resonance among Hindu religious nationalists imbued with the idea of Hindutva.