Change for Good Campaign of Finair

Finnair has launched a new programme as part of its corporate social responsibility initiative in India to ensure safe drinking water and proper sanitation for the children of Bihar. the programme has been named as Change for Good Campaign. In this programme Finair will start collecting money from its passengers – even small change, and hence the name – that would be routed via the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) to the children of the state.

The Change for Good Campaign has been arranged on nearly all the international flights of Finnair. The donated cash/change can be placed in a collection envelope on seatback pockets, which can be sealed and given to the cabin crew. This is the 14th time the carrier has arranged the campaign. Over the years, it has been directed to education programmes in Rwanda and Nepal, HIV/AIDS in Vietnam and Kaliningrad and an emergency relief project in Kosovo.

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