Akbar – Rajput Policy : Udai Singh & winning Chittor

Akbar – Rajput Policy : Udai Singh & winning Chittor

Udai Singh was the youngest and posthumous son of Rana Sanga. He had sheltered Baz Bahadur, the king of Malwa when was driven by the imperial army. When other Rajas came and tendered their fealty to the Mughal Emperor, Udai Singh was aloof and was securing his fortress of Chittor.

Background: Rana Sanga died in 1528. He was succeeded by his eldest surviving son, Rana Ratan Singh, who was assassinated in 1531. Ratan Singh was succeeded by his brother Rana Vikramaditya Singh. During Vikramaditya Singh’s reign, Sultan of Gujarat Bahadur Shah attacked Chittor in 1534.

In 1537, Banbir killed Vikramaditya and usurped the throne. He tried to kill Udai Singh also, but Udai’s nurse Panna Dhai sacrificed her own son to save him from his uncle Banbir and took him to Kumbhalgarh.

Udai Singh lived in secret in Kumbhalgarh for two years, disguised as a nephew of the governor Asha Shah. He defeated Banvir at Mavli. In 1540, he was crowned in Kumbhalgarh by the nobles of Mewar. His eldest son Rana Pratap was born in the same year 1540. Shakti Singh, Jagmal and Viramdeo were his other sons.

In 1542, Udai singh gave refused to Baz Bahadur, the king of Malwa who was defeated by the Mughal army of Akbar.

  • Rani Rupmati was a Hindu Rajput singer of Malwa and lover of Sultan Baz Bahadur.

Rupamati was captured by the Mughals and she poisoned herself, bringing a fatal end to an eternal love story.

The refuge to Baz Bahadur was a costly affair for Udai Singh. Akbar attacked Mewar in 1567. Udai Singh, left Chittor and went to Gogunda. Chittor was left in hands of his loyal chieftains Jaimal & Patta, who died in the Mughal campaign. Rajput ladies performed third Jauhar at this time.

  • Udaipur was founded in 1559.

Akbar Captured Chittor in 1568. Udai Singh died in Gogunda in 1572. He nominated his son Jagmal, but the nobles placed Rana Pratap on throne.

The fall of Chittor was followed by two other famous forts of Ranthambore and Kalinjer, which secured allegiance of Akbar. The feel good factor was cemented by Akbar by marrying other princess, the daughter of Raja of Bikaner – Kalyanmal, who along with his son Ram Singh entered into the service of Akbar.

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