Akbar, the Great

Akbar, the Great 1556-1605

The reign of Akbar for almost half a century is known as the Golden Period of the Mughal Empire. Akbar was the true founder of the Mughal Empire, but it took him more than two decades to bring Hindustan under his subjection.

When Humayun died of the fatal accident, he was mere 13. The territories under him were Punjab and Delhi only. The Afghans still rocked in Bihar, Bengal and Ganga Valley. Rajputs were independent in Rajasthan. India was being ruled by countless chiefs in separate principalities. Kabul remained a separate kingdom under his brother Hakim. Only a small part of Deccan was taken in his entire life.

When his father died, he was in midst of a war with Sikandar Shah at Sirhind. At Kalanaur in Punjab, the 13 year old boy was enthroned by Bairam Khan in January 1556 and was proclaimed Shahanshah. Bairam Khan became his protector and co-regent till he comes of his age.

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