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“Dadaab” the world’s largest refugee camp is located in which country?

“Dadaab” the world’ss largest refugee camp is located at Dadaab, a semi-arid town in Garissa Country, Kenya. It is in news recently because the Kenyan Government has decided to close Dadaab refugee camp over the issue of national security. The camp is a temporary home to 330,000 refugees mostly from Somalia and South Sudan who have fled from their country due to brutal civil war.



Who has been appointed as the first female Secretary General of FIFA, the world football’s governing body?
[B]Adja Diallo

Fatma Samba Diouf Samoura of Senegal, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) resident representative in Nigeria, has been appointed as the first female secretary general of FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association). She will take her post by mid-June 2016 after undergoing an eligibility check administered by an independent review committee.



India has recently signed pact with which international organisation for global promotion of traditional systems of medicine?
[A]United Nation Development Programme (UNDP)
[B]United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF)
[C]World Health Organization (WHO)
[D]World Bank

World Health Organization (WHO)
The Ministry of AYUSH and the World Health Organization (WHO) have signed an historic Project Collaboration Agreement (PCA) for cooperation on promoting the quality, safety and effectiveness of service provision in traditional and complementary medicine. It aims to support WHO in the development and implementation of the ‘WHO Traditional and Complementary Medicine Strategy: 2014-2023’ and will also contribute to the global promotion of traditional Indian systems of medicine.



The Aguada Central Jail is located in which state of India?
[D]Tamil Nadu

The Aguada Central Jail, Goa’s erstwhile and largest prison, will now be converted into jail museum. It will tell the story of those who fought for freedom from the Portuguese. The Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) will convert the jail into a historical and heritage centre in a Rs. 25.8 crore project.



What is the theme of the 2016 World Fair Trade Day (WFTD)?
[A]Be live for others
[B]Desire of mind for peace
[C]Support community support peace
[D]Be an Agent for Change

Be an Agent for Change
The World Fair Trade Day (WFTD) is a global celebration of fair trade bringing together thousands committed to building healthy and sustainable communities with small-scale producers worldwide. Its’ an initiative of WFTO that falls on the second Saturday of May of each year. The 2016 WFTD is observed on May 14 with theme ‘Be an Agent for Change’, which is a tangible solution to poverty eradication, a good tool for sustainable development and most of all Fair Trade promotes social justice.



India’s first Spice Museum will be opened in which city of India?

The Spices Board of India will set up the India’s first Spice Museum at Willingdon Island in Kochi, Kerala. The purpose of the museum will be to attract and educate travellers about the history and growth of the Indian spice industry. The museum will showcase over 30 raw spices and culinary herbs and will show how they are cultivated, processed, stored and quality assessed. There will be paintings, pictures, brochures and books and visitors will be able to buy authentic Indian spices.



Which Indian artist has won prize at the 2016 UN poster contest on N-disarmament?
[A]Neel Mishra
[B]Anjali Chandrashekar
[C]Rajesh Sharma
[D]Sudharshan Naik

Anjali Chandrashekar
Anjali Chandrashekar from India, a New York-based designer and artivist, has won the 3rd prize in 2016 UN Poster for Peace contest for her poster titled ‘Cutting Barriers through Peace’, which features a peace dove slicing through a nuclear weapon. The 1st prize went to Ivan Ciro Palomino Huamani from Peru for his poster ‘Spinning Peace’, which features a nuclear weapon being unraveled into string which is then used to fly kites and balloons and to jump rope. The 2nd prize has won by Michelle Minzhi Li from United States from her poster ‘Peace in our Hands’, which features a shadow puppet of a peace dove above a broken nuclear weapon. The award is presented by the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs (ODA) to raise awareness of the need for nuclear disarmament and to inspire citizens across the globe to add their voices, and use their artistic talents,to promote a world free of nuclear weapons.



India’s first startup hostel has been launched in which city of India?
[B]New Delhi

India’s first startup hostel has been launched in Bengaluru, Karnataka by Construkt Media, an entrepreneur platform. The hostel will be the business-friendly accommodation for the travelling startup and creative community. It’s the 3,500-square-feet hostel, which can host 20 people at a time at a cost of Rs. 850 per night and the facilities include a self-catering kitchen, WiFi, lounge space, laundry and meeting space.



Who is the author of the book “The Drowned Detective”?
[A]John Banville
[B]Richard Cliff
[C]Neil Jordan
[D]Teddy Jamieson

Neil Jordan
The book “Drowned Detective” has been authored by Neil Patrick Jordan, an Irish film director, screenwriter and novelist. The novel is an intoxicating, atmospheric exploration of relationships, lies and betrayal. It depicts genre-defying story about Jonathan, a private investigator, who arrived in a small eastern European city because he was told about the opportunities opening up in former Soviet countries. The story moves as the detective sets up, along with a colleague from that country, an agency to trace missing people and criminals.



Who has been sworn-in as the new Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court?
[A]Deepak Kumar Gupta
[B]K M Joseph
[C]Vineet Saran
[D]Naveen Sinha

Naveen Sinha
Justice Naveen Sinha has been sworn-in as the new Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court. Prior to this appointment, he was the Chief Justice of the Chhattisgarh High Court since July 2014.


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