Ghaziabad-Aligarh Expressway

The Ghaziabad-Aligarh Expressway has witnessed a remarkable achievement with the construction of a 100-kilometer road in a record time of 100 hours. This accomplishment is a testament to India’s progress in road infrastructure and has garnered praise from top leaders.

The Length and Material

The road constructed on the Ghaziabad-Aligarh Expressway spans an impressive 100 kilometers. It is built using bituminous concrete, a durable and reliable material known for its strength and longevity.

The Builders

Ghaziabad Aligarh Expressway Pvt Ltd, in collaboration with Larsen & Toubro Limited, took on the responsibility of constructing this remarkable road.

Connectivity and Importance

The newly constructed road plays a vital role in connecting various sectors, including industrial areas, agricultural regions, and educational institutions. It will act as an important trade route that fosters seamless movement of goods and services, thereby boosting economic development in the region.

Coverage and Impact

The Ghaziabad-Aligarh road covers several cities in Uttar Pradesh, including Dadri, Gautam Buddh Nagar, Sikandrabad, Bulandshahr, and Khurja. This expansive coverage ensures that the benefits of improved connectivity reach a wide range of communities and industries in the state.

Sustainability and Cost-Effectiveness

The project also embraces sustainability and cost-effectiveness through the implementation of Cold Central Plant Recycling (CCPR) technology. This innovative green approach allows for the utilization of 90% of the milled material, reducing the consumption of virgin materials and minimizing the project’s carbon footprint.



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