‘GermiKlean’: Developed by DRDO to sanitise uniforms of police and security personnel

The Defence Research and Development Organization has developed ‘GermiKlean’. GermiKlean is a sanitising chamber that can be used to sanitise uniforms of security and police personnel.


The DRDO developed the sanitizing chamber after the Delhi Police raised their requirement of sanitizing their helmets, uniforms, cane shields, etc.

About GermiKlean

GermiKlean is capable of sanitizing 25 pairs of uniforms within 15 minutes using dry heat treatment. Dry heating of an article is accomplished by conduction. Heat is absorbed by the exterior surface of the article and passed inward. Dry heat kills micro organisms by causing denaturation of proteins. Denaturation is a process in which the nucleic acids lose the quaternary structure. This kills the micro organisms.

Other measures

The DRDO has also designed sanitisation tunnel. It has come up with an idea of a mat that can be used to sanitise foot.


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