G20 Education Ministers’ Meeting

G20 education ministers’ meeting was held on recently in which ministers reiterated commitment to ensure continuity of quality education amid the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.

Key Points

  • During the meeting, ministers reaffirmed their commitment to eliminate education and workspace inequalities.
  • Sanjay Dhotre, minister of state for education, represented India.
  • He reiterated India’s commitment towards reducing and eventually eliminating educational poverty, inequalities and early school leaving.
  • Meeting was hosted by Italy, in which G20 education ministers shared views on ‘how to progress towards fight against educational poverty and inequalities’ in the midst of Covid 19 pandemic.
  • Ministers also decided to share innovative experiences with each other in order to ensure continuity of learning pathways using the blended education model.
  • Indian Minister reiterated India’s new education policy and several welfare scheme which are running to bridge education inequalities especially for girls and socially & economically disadvantaged groups.
  • He reaffirmed India’s support for “collective efforts of G-20 countries to reduce educational poverty & inequalities.”

About G20

G20 is an intergovernmental forum of 19 countries and European Union (EU). It addresses major issues related to global economy like international financial stability, sustainable development and climate change mitigation. G20 is comprise of most of world’s largest industrialized and developing nations. It accounts for 90 percent of gross world product (GWP), two-thirds of world’s population and half of world’s land area. Grouping was founded in 1999 to look after world economic crises.


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