Fisheries Sector: ₹ 400 Crore Investment to be made in Goa

The Union Fisheries Minister Giriraj Singh announced on February 7, 2021 that an investment of ₹ 400 crore will be made in Goa to make this state a fisheries hub of India.

Key Facts

  • The coastal state, Goa, has the potential for highest fish production across India.
  • The state can also become a “fisheries hub” of India.
  • The Centre recently considered ₹400 crore investment in the fisheries sector of Goa.
  • The amount of the investment would jointly be raised by the Union government and the state fisheries board.
  • Rupees 41.47 crore has already been sanctioned by the Union government to the state.
  • The amount will be used to revive the fisheries industry and it will also ensure safe fishing.

What is the plan?

  • As per the plan, 30 fish landing jetties will be created in order for the fishermen to anchor their boats near their villages.
  • The jetties would also be linked to the mainstream by constructing roads.
  • Goa has nine landing jetties already that are used for fishing and tourism purposes.

Other developments

  • A Goa-based CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) has revealed that 200 sq km area in the coastal state is feasible for cage culture.
  • Cage culture is an aquaculture production system in which the fish are held in floating net pens.
  • So, in the area of 72 sq km 30 lakh cages can be installed.
  • The installation of cages would help in encouraging the safe marine cultivation in the fishing sector.
  • It will also provide the necessary support to the Goa- based fish processing units.
  • Further, the central government will also be appointing ”Sagar Mitra” for all the 70 fishing villages in Goa. The Sagar Mitra would help fishermen to communicate with the government.

Fishing in India

This industry in India employs 145 million people. The country ranks second in aquaculture while it is ranked third in the fisheries production. Fisheries sector amounts to 1.07% of the Total GDP of India.


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